Sauvignon Blanc 906 on 1103P 12inch Super Pot

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Sauvignon Blanc 906 on 1103P

12inch Super Pot

Clone SB906: Medium production level. Medium to high vigor, Low to medium berry size. Medium acidity. Medium to high aromatic intensity. Medium to high sugar level. Somewhat earlier maturity clone. Appreciated for its agronomic characteristics and the quality of the wines produced.

Clone 1103P : 1103 P resists up to 30% of "total" limestone, 17% of "active" limestone and an ICP of 30. Its resistance to iron chlorosis is moderate. It is well adapted to drought conditions along with compact soils and a possible significant temporary spring humidity. 1103 P absorbs well magnesium. In addition, it is well suited to acidic soil and has a fairly good tolerance to chlorides.

1103 P is highly tolerant to the root form of phylloxera. On the other hand, its resistance to Meloidogyne incognita nematodes is moderate and it is sensitive to Meloidogyne arenaria nematodes.

1103 P is moderately susceptible to the gall form of phylloxera and is highly resistant to downy mildew.

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