Grape Growers & Home Wine Makers: Specified Clone on Rootstock

Guillaume Grapevine Nursery presents Backyard Wine Grapes

To our 'Grape Producers and Home Wine Makers', Backyard Wine Grapes was created for the novice planter who is seeking to incorporate grapevines into landscape spaces. We want to help you achieve your goal of creating aesthetically pleasing gardens and yard spaces by providing you with the beauty and wonder that grapevines embody. With us, you receive the 'best, strongest and most versatile' vines. Our high quality vines are perfect for the first time planter, green thumber, landscaper, gardener and grape enthusiast. We also serve vineyards in need of vine replacements.

Our grapevine clones vines are grafted onto specific rootstocks. We follow a strict testing protocol for all of our budwood, either internally supplied through our mother blocks or externally through our various partnerships. Rigorous screening ensures our products are nematode and phylloxera resistant.

*ENTAV-INRA Licensed & FPS Certified

All plants are ready and available for shipping within 3 business days from payment.

For future orders or large quantity orders, contact Guillaume Grapevine Nursery: 530-735-6821

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