Chardonnay 96 on 420A 12inch Super Pot

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Clone CH96: Known for uniform fruit set under cooler bloom conditions, higher number of moderate to large berries however with more flavor-concentrated clusters. Rich, fine and well balanced wine.

Rootstock 420A: 420 A MGt resists up to 35% of "total" limestone, 20% of "active" limestone and an ICP of 40. Its resistance to iron chlorosis is moderate to good. This rootstock seems well adapted to fertile conditions and to fairly deep clay-limestone soils with a sufficient water input. However, it is poorly adapted to compact soils and excessive spring humidity. 420 A MGt does not absorb well potassium in the soil. The varieties grafted, particularly the most sensitive, can frequently show signs of potassium deficiency with this rootstock.

420 A MGt is highly tolerant to the root form of phylloxera. Its resistance to Meloidogyne incognita and Meloidogyne arenaria nematodes is also good.

420 A MGt is moderately tolerant to the gall form of phylloxera and it shows a good resistance to downy mildew.

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