Cabernet Sauvignon 169 on 16-16C 12inch Bare-Root

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Cabernet Sauvignon 169 on 16-16C

12inch Bare-Root

Clone CS169: This clone is in the low production group. It has good berry size, high vigor, and a well-balanced acid to sugar ratio. It was created to produce a big, bold, yet balanced Cabernet with intense complexity and soft tannins. The color is a vibrant, deep red. The mouth feel tends to be bold and linger.

Rootstock 16-16C: 1616 C is not very or moderately tolerant to chlorosis and it only resists up to 11% of "active" limestone. It is fairly well adapted to humidity in addition to its tolerance to chlorides. 1616 C is well suited to sandy-clay soils.

1616 C is highly tolerant to the root form of phylloxera and is well resistant to Meloidogyne arenaria and Meloidogyne incognita nematodes.

1616 C has a good tolerance to the gall form of phylloxera and a decent resistance to downy mildew and anthracnose.

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