Cabernet Franc 214 on 110R 12in Super Pot

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Cabernet Franc Super-Pot

Length: 12 inch

Clone CF214: Smaller berry size. Yield is low. This clone is characterized by raspberry and violet flavors, with dark fruit flavors, softer tannin structure and less green, herbal flavors. Its capacity for producing wines with good ageing potential

Rootstock 110R: 110 R is moderately adapted to limestone and its resistance to iron chlorosis is variable depending on the grafts used. It is can resist up to 17% of "active" limestone and to an IPC of 30. However the threshold is actually only 5 to 7% when Syrah is grafted onto 110 R (and to a lesser extent with Viognier). This rootstock is very well adapted to drought but is very sensitive to water excess. It is particularly adapted to dry, poor, stony, with no or very little limestone soils, such as schist soils or ancient terraces.

110 R is very highly tolerant to the root form of phylloxera, but its resistance to Meloidogyne incognita and Meloidogyne arenaria nematodes is only average. It would also be quite resistant to Phytophtora cinnamomi.

110 R is very sensitive to the gall form of phylloxera but is highly resistant to downy mildew and is not very affected by anthracnose.

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